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The Boise PAL Chevelle

The Boise PAL Chevelle is designed to match the Boise Police patrol cars. The Chevelle is featured at many Boise PAL events and participates in races, parades, and car shows. View our calendar below for opportunities to see the Chevelle in person.

About the Chevelle

The 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle is completely tubed, meaning the whole inside is aluminum lined and has a full roll bar safety cage. The motor is a Chevy 509 that was bored out from a marine 502 marine block. The motor puts out 715 horsepower and 685 ft lbs of torque.  It has a two speed powerglide transmission.  The car runs about 142 mph in quarter mile in 9.4 seconds.  The rear tires are true drag racing slicks.